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Wenzhou University Dragon Boat Team Achieves Great Success during the First World Dragon Boat Competition in 2022 During the First World Dragon Boat Competition in 2022 (Fuzhou Venue) that only just concluded, Wenzhou University Dragon Boat Team achieved new record high by winning two silver and two bronze medals with their great unity and effortful hard work. Minyuan Zhu, the chief coach of the team, convinced China General Administration of Sports to lead the National Training Camp Team to compete in the...


Wenzhou University Marks One-year Countdown to its 90th Birthday On the afternoon of May 19, the Ceremony of the One-year Countdown to the 90th Anniversary of founding of Wenzhou University, moderated by Vice President Cai Shuguang, was held in the campus. The leadership, representatives of retired staff, heads and deputy heads of the working group for the preparations for the 90th anniversary, heads of colleges and departments, representatives of alumni, te...


Animal Specimen Exhibition Hall of Wenzhou University Opens! On the afternoon of May 18, the Animal Specimen Exhibition Hall, built by the College of Life and Environmental Sciences, Wenzhou University officially opened. It is worth noting that Taishun Wuyanling National Nature Reserve Management Center donated to the Exhibition a precious specimen of Cabot’s Tragopan, the national first-class protected animal typically living in Wenzhou City.?About 80...


WZU Delegation Visits Wenzhou-Kean University On the morning of May 10, the WZU delegation led by Wang Shun, the vice president visited Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU) to discuss issues for deepening the strategic cooperation between the two universities.?At the meeting, Wang Shun pointed out that the two sides should, guided by the concept of mutual benefit and win-win results, establish a long-term cooperation mechanism and take concrete ...


The Chinese Poetry Competition Held to Celebrate World Book and Copyright Day On April 23, the Chinese Poetry Competition was held in Wenzhou University Town to celebrate the 27th World Book and Copyright Day.?The competition was divided into two sessions, namely, original poetry recitation and poetry knowledge quiz. After the preliminary competition, 18 contestants from Wenzhou University and Wenzhou Business School were shortlisted for the finals. 8 students including...


Excellent Performance of WZUer in the 17th “Challenge Cup” National University Students Extracurricular Science and Technology Competition From March 26th to 29th, the finals of the 17th “Challenge Cup” National University Students Extracurricular Science and Technology Competition were held online. Students from WZU won 3 second prizes and 3 third prizes, and obtained the qualification as sponsoring universities. Our university also won the “Outstanding Organization Award.”The work “How to achieve rural revitalization by ret...


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