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The University has 2 national and local joint engineering laboratories (Electrical Digital Design Technology, Urban Water Pollution Ecological Treatment Technology), 1 national international scientific and technological cooperation base (Laser Processing Robot), 3 Zhejiang Provincial "2011 Collaborative Innovation Center", 2 Zhejiang Provincial Industry (regional) Science and Technology Innovation Platforms, 6 Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratories, 4 Zhejiang Provincial Engineering Laboratories, 3 Zhejiang Provincial International Science and Technology Cooperation Bases, 2 China Machinery Industry Federation Engineering Research Center (laboratory), 1 China Light Industry Key Laboratory, 2 Zhejiang Philosophy and Social Science Key Research Bases, 1 National and Regional Research Base of the Ministry of Education, 1 Zhejiang Intangible Cultural Research and 1 Zhejiang Overseas Chinese International Cultural Exchange Base. All these facilities and labs are underpinned by our 4 provincial key innovation teams and 4 university-based innovation teams.


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