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Student Exchange Programs

Globalization has long been woven into our long-term development strategies. The exchange programs we provide include those with Chonnam University, Kunsan National University, Chosun University in South Korea; Oswego Campus, State University of New York in the US; University of Siena, University of Verona, University of Florence, Università Cattolica, Istituto Universitario Orientale di NAPOLI in Italy; Saga University in Japan; British Columbia University in Canada, etc.


Our partners also include Kean University, Columbia University, University of Waterloo, Windsheim University of Applied Sciences, Jena University of Applied Sciences, and Ilmenau University of Technology, University of Adelaide, Musashino University, University of Southampton, Nanyang Technological University, Samara National University, etc.


Relying on our expansive global network, we vigorously explore exchange programs for students, enabling them to fully utilize overseas resources and broaden their horizons.

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